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Chiropractic care encourages healthy joint ranges of motion, establishing therapeutic neurological recruitment to the brain and nervous system, providing safe motor learning and effective pain relief.

Myofascial soft tissue therapies help relax the body prior to adjustments, encouraging the production of our natural inflammatory process to allow for healing. Examples of some therapies include: Trigger/Pressure Point Therapy, Instrument Assisted Therapy, Lymphatic Massage, and Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

Performance Optimization for Athletes Our office strives to provide a well rounded approach to health care. Each individual receives their own custom treatment plan consisting of; soft tissue therapies, corrective exercise, and chiropractic adjustments. We also provide great educational tools on general healing properties of foods, teaching you how to establish a personal healthy diet to accommodate your lifestyle.

Corrective exercise is a critical fundamental part of any rehab program to help establish strength, balance, rhythm, and control. We specialize in helping you optimize your athletic potential through movement. Awareness is key and movement is life!

Cold Laser Therapy beams light energy into the injured tissue, encouraging energy production to help damaged cells regrow. Conditions that laser therapy can help treat include: Arthritis, Tendonitis, Joint pain, Muscular Strains, Neuropathy, and others.

Welcome to Coastal Chiropractic SLO!

Welcome to Coastal Chiropractic SLO!


Let us guide you to a life built on natural healthy habits exactly as your body and mind are designed to function. Discover how we can help express your potential!

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Meet Dr. Scott Kolofer

Dr. Scott Kolofer was born and raised on the Monterey Peninsula. Throughout his childhood, he frequently traveled with his family down the coast where he discovered the wonders of SLO county. He was fortunate enough to attend the Kinesiology program at Cal Poly SLO and during his time in college, he explored more in-depth of what the central coast has to offer.  He was a member of the Cal Poly Triathlon Team and was able to travel around SLO County by bike, out on trails, and in water.

After he completed his bachelor's degree, Dr. Scott began to race post collegiate elite and professional triathlons all over the United States.  He then moved up to the Bay Area to become a Chiropractor and received his Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree in 2017 from Palmer West College of Chiropractic in San Jose, California. After graduating, Scott moved back to the central coast to begin practicing.  He specializes in helping athletes achieve their optimal potential  and is grateful to be working in a health-minded community like SLO.

As an active member of the community, Scott’s hobbies include trail running, Yoga, swimming, weight training, hiking, mountain biking, and paddling. Scott receives routine chiropractic, acupuncture, and myofascial treatments to help bring balance to the activities he loves.

Cherine Cielo

Office Manager


Cherine is a Central Coast native and has worked in the local medical community for over twenty years. When she’s not at the office you can find her with a gym bun, covered in dog hair, and enjoying the company of friends and family of the two and four-legged varieties. She loves really thin pancakes and her favorite date is April 25th because all you need is a light jacket. She is excited to work with such a talented team of healers and looks forward to assisting you on your path to wellness.

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